Sunday, March 28, 2021


Creating something is, um, a (relatively) long process. First you have an idea or a concept. How does that come to you is subject of another blog. Or maybe we will cover some aspects of it later here. But let's say you have an idea or a concept. Then you add architectural pieces, design those so that the seed, that was an idea, starts to blossom. It takes some shape, maybe still in your mind. Then you implement it. Give it some form that is tangible to your physical being, and also to the others'. But this is not just a three step process. Those three steps repeat. At each step, we see something missing or something that can be improved in the previous steps. So you go back and fix the idea, architecture, design and implementation. This continues ..., um, forever .... But most important is the rate at which this all happens. Each of these steps, even when repeated, needs to stabilize, before the next step begins. Changing an idea before it had time to blossom or a design or an implementation before it had been given time to prove itself might kill the idea, the design or the implementation even if it was useful and valuable. That's what the Genesis 1 (KJV) tells us. He had an idea. He designed and implemented it. He saw that the idea had been realized well. He let it have its own time. Only then He moved on to improve upon it. On the seventh day He actually gave the whole of creation a much longer time to, um, stabilize, before embarking upon His most marvelous creation, His own image, which He is yet to finish, if I may dare to say.

One idea given its own time gives birth to more ideas, even if that idea itself fails. When it is not given the required time the idea gets destroyed along with any new ideas it might have produced. As explained in Viduraniti (विदुरनीती)

वनस्पतेरपक्वानि फलानि प्रचिनोति यः ।
स नाप्नोति रसं तेभ्यो बीजं चास्य विनश्यति ॥ १५॥
One who harvests fruits before they ripe can not enjoy their juice and also destroys their seed. 

यस्तु पक्वमुपादत्ते काले परिणतं फलम् ।
फलाद्रसं स लभते बीजाच्चैव फलं पुनः ॥ १६॥
One who harvests ripened fruits enjoys their juice and grows further fruits from their seed.

Marvelous thing about His creation is that the creation itself capable of having new ideas which it wants to realize. A being wants to grow, sustain and also reproduce. It has ideas to improve the quality of seed, quality of fruit and itself. These ideas are endless and numerous. But these beings are not as patient as the Creator himself. They want it quick, fast, right now. But He is compassionate, loving and resourceful. He solves that problem also, but using an already proven idea. As described in Manusmriti (1:65) ("रात्रि: स्वप्नाय भूतानां चेष्टायै कर्मणामह:"), He created days and nights for them similar to what He did for himself. He provides them with shorter cycles and containerized environments where the beings can incubate their ideas, nurture them and contribute back when they had their own time. That is how the Creation flourishes and goes on forever and forever.

Today we are seeing ever increasing, overwhelming, self-accelerating demand to innovate, produce new things, solve new problems. But the solution has been already thought long back and is well documented. It only needs to be adapted to the modern conditions and implemented.

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